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Alternative router/modem

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Alternative router/modem


I just received my Plusnet ADSL modem Sagemcom 2704n and I saw it was a crappy modem/router, not supporting 5ghz, no QoS, etc.

So, I am looking for an alternative router/modem to replace it, I am quite noob in network so I'm not too sure if I need a separate modem and router (2 devices) or something that does both at the same time.
From what I understood after my research, an option would be to use the 2704n as just a modem and plug it to a router.


Basically I'm looking for a very basic internet usage at home and my only goal is to be able to play video games while someone else watches Netflix without me having 600 ping (bufferbloat...).


What do you reckon is my best option?



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Re: Alternative router/modem

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Re: Alternative router/modem

@grsmto Welcome to the forum. The Plusney Hub Zero suffers badly from buffer bloat so hopefully that is the cause of your pronlem and not simply the limited ADSL speed.

A good budget combined modem/router that works on both ADSL and fibre is a BT Smarthub 6. These can be bought for about £20 on an auction site such as Rbay.

Setting instructions are here


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