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Advice on should I buy a new router

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Advice on should I buy a new router

I am experiencing regular drop offs, but the router lights are showing broadband is still connected. I also have low speeds despite being on Fibre Unlimited, eg 18Gb , 8Gb during today with upload at 0.4.

I think its the Wifi coverage , although I have a lan ring main extender and a BT extender around the house.

Do you thin kt eh standard Plusnet Router is weak for Wifi signals and shoudl I spend on an upgraded router to improve the reception ? Trouble is I don't knoo what to buy that is better than the current router.

Any suggestions really appreciated. I am sick of my son saying "Wifi has gone again" !

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Re: Advice on should I buy a new router

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Re: Advice on should I buy a new router

I would first check with computer wired directly to Hub One using ethernet cable are fine when you run speed tests to see if it is problem with your incoming broadband connection, and compare to speed tests over wifi.


Regarding wifi, there is no simple answer as no two properties are the same.  eg. small apartment vs mansion.  Thick sold internal walls vs hollow stud walls etc.


There is a known problem with 5 GHz wifi witnessed by some customers with Hub One.   See pinned post at top of this sub-forum.


You mention ' lan ring main extender and a BT extender '.   Are you referring to powerline products made by BT ?  Model numbers would be helpful.  If Yes, do you see same poor speeds when you have a computer plugged into the ethernet socket of the furthest powerline adapter from the router?



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Re: Advice on should I buy a new router

Hi Bill888 , thanks for taking the time to reply. I have connected the laptop directly to the router and get speeds of 18mbs to 32mbs. Using wifi I get similar speeds, so varies quite considerably. 

My house is a 4 bedroom , but not large and has stud walls. 

My extenders are TP-Link AV600 Powerline TL-WPA4226 which my Son has in his bedroom and a LAN cable out into his PS4 and Laptop, plus a BT Dual band extender 1200 plugged into the next bedroom where I have an office set up. 

The frustrations are more the drop offs that we experience, but th eHub One still shows lights as connected to broadband, ie Blue light. 


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Re: Advice on should I buy a new router

@Robs55 - I've just pushed an update to your router that might help.

You'll need to power it off/back on at your side to apply it.

Let me know how it goes.

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