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Advice needed please

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Advice needed please

Hello all, I've been reading through the forum looking for advice but not found it, so I'm asking here. 

We have been with plusnet for many years, and generally the internet has been reliable, but this year it has been unreliable and incredibly slow. Sometimes our laptops or phones drop the wifi, yet the router lights show its working ok. I'm fully aware that covid has pushed more people to work from home, but I don't think this is the problem. 

The router is a 2704n, which is obviously old. I didn't know until looking in this forum that there are newer versions. Why have I not been sent one or offered one at point of renewal? Is this an oversight? 

Sometimes the router sounds a but buzzy, and sometimes the lights flicker off completely, I don't know if this is normal. 

I spoke with a BT engineer who informed me that fibre is available in our road but I do not have the option to upgrade in my plusnet account. The BT website shows it available for about the same cost, but the speeds are huge compared to ours. Can I not upgrade because plusnet wants me locked in for my contract? This seems very unfair to me.

I'm not an engineer so any advice in plain english please! Thank you in advance for any thoughts, and please stay safe, we need to all work together to beat this virus.

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Re: Advice needed please

Best to buy an OpenReach router from a well known auction site! These can be configured to work with PN, and will be a dual band one.

Additionally have much better wifi capablity.


Your current one may not be dual band.

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Re: Advice needed please

OpenReach? Do you mean BT SmartHub?
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Re: Advice needed please


There are two versions of fibre, FTTC and FTTP. Plusnet only supply FTTC. This might be why you can't find the upgrade option. Many ISPs offer FTTP but not Plusnet. You can find what is available by putting your phone number in here.

The 2704N  is the latest hub supplied by Plusnet on ADSL contracts. If you want a better device then get a BT Smarthub 6 from an auction site such as Ebay. You will find the setting instructions pinned at the top of this board.

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Re: Advice needed please

Hi @knucklemoto If you have been with PN for some time why not request a new router.

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Re: Advice needed please

Thanks all for taking the time, some great advice and info.

I'll try a bt router first, I've seen the guide in the forum which will help.