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Adding a static route on (plusnet branded) home Hub5

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Adding a static route on (plusnet branded) home Hub5

I just got a new HH5, which I just plugged in to replace my  tp-link td-w9980 (I'm using it for this post) sadly it's the only device I can use on it.


The router is on I have a few devices on this network but the majority of my network is on 10.*.

In the tp-link I establish a static route for all 10.* traffic  to my home server (which does the real DHCP and manages the LAN)


I can't see how to get the HH5 to have the correct static route ...I've not done a wireshark but I'm assuming my 10.* devices are sending out OK (since they know is the route out) but when replies come back the HH5 has no idea where to send them.


I'm suspecting this router is just too basic to be usable? If so any suggestions? (my tp-link drops the connection every few days ...lots of swapping [see elsewhere] and it's the tp-link as the cause)


...looks like I'm going to need to switch back to the TP-link. Pain because I've spent a while building a tidy shelf for the HH5 as it dosn't have wall mounts.

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Re: Adding a static route on (plusnet branded) home Hub5

Not possible Graeme, although I suspect you know this already reading through some of your subsequent posts.

Bob Pullen
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