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Adding a new router into my network

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Registered: ‎06-08-2007

Adding a new router into my network

Morning All

Right first off please accept my apologies f my text is wrong or double or missing letters as I got a problem with letters doubling up or not even appears even after pressing the key 5 or 6 time. I keep thinking it’s me because I got all electronic keyboards or iPads. And Iv got a hr problem d wether or not it’s me Ming but when. I’m feeling off it it gets worse and yet if I’m ok and no heart pains things seem to be ok. Bu surly that’s impossible is it not?  BTW it’s nothing to do with any settings as Iv changed them all. Various times 

Anyway to my question at the moment my setup is a follows Iv got a standard issue modem from around 5-6 years ago which is sat 6 inches from. The main BT input point  from there. A cat6 wire goes up stairs. Where my Asus DSL-N55U sits   And where it has been since we moved in 21 years ago and from where all the Roos nd radio shack is hardwired via cat6 cables terminating in network face plates where needed.  In the shack Iv got a gigabit 5 way itch which run a 8tb NAS. 2 x 2tb Medi8er streaming units  and the other for my radios.

What I’d like to do if it’s possible is to remove the modem and replace it with the Plusnet’s modem/Router x rebadged BT home hub which they sent me a few months ago) Then keep everything as it is upstairs and just use the cat6 cable from the old modem to the Asus  Hence making it just like a wired switch with WiFi?  Is this possible which altering some settings and such in the Asus?  That way it will give me a few free ct sockets in the living room for the smart tv and the networked Freeview box we have but never used the network And same with the tv as the WiFi was not great wherewithal was  it now I could run a cable?  

Anyay can anyone give me any suggestions or point me in a  direction whereI may be able you get some help with it. Thank yo..


Take care and stay safe best regards Osh