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Access point advice

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Access point advice

Hi Everyone


I am currently using a BT Smart Hub for the WiFi in our house, but I am considering getting a Draytek Vigor-AP-912C to go with my Draytek 2860 router.


The WiFi is really good on the smart hub (ie strong signal in most places around the house) but I’d like a proper AP solution. The built in AC WiFi on the draytek router is rubbish in comparison!


Any suggestions or experience?



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Re: Access point advice

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Re: Access point advice

I bought an AP800 (and the 5GHz "dongle") to use with my Draytek 2860.

In a typical London 1930's semi the AP800 does well in the middle of the house. The 2860 isn't well positioned for best coverage as it's near the phone master socket. 

The real constraint I found was where I could get a CAT5 cable to with acceptable appearance and that ended up being the airing cupboard (!)

I've never tried a BT Home Hub but I believe the WiFi coverage is good and I could well believe better than the Draytek 2860.

For really good WiFi I would probably go for a mesh solution (perhaps the AP-912) if I were buying again.

The Draytek AP800 or similar has the advantage of providing a few CAT5 sockets for devices or users that prefer a cabled connection rather than WiFi (keen gamers for example).


I am the satisfied customer....