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Abysmal support

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Abysmal support

I'm at my wits end with Plusnet support or lack thereof My router is flashing like a disco and preventing connecting wirelessly.

I thought I'd get help for a service I'm paying for just as you would if you have a power outage or fuel problems.

(Step 1) I looked for information on the Pliusnet website and found a page that should have allowed me to log into the router. It asked for the router password which was alledged to begin with "CP" only mine started with "KK" FAILURE 1.

(STEP 2) I then chose the live chat who's first question was to query if I was an existing customer? When I selected technical support a message appeared telling me to phone for help but it didnt stay visible long enough for me to write the bloody number down! If I wanted to phone I would have, what is the point of an alledged live chat if the only advice was to use the phone. FAILURE 2.
(STEP 3) In desperation I telephoned for assistance only to be told that there was a high demand and i could not be connected to an advisor FAILURE 3.

What are clients supposed to do when they are not being provided with a service they pay for and all help options are off the table? With such a pathetic help system is it any wonder the live chat and phone help is so over burdened. Perhaps if they were more helpful to existing clients they would not have to keep paying tens of thousands on adverts to get new clients.
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Re: Abysmal support


Yes it is a bit challenging getting support from Plusnet especially at the moment when they are still using coronavirus as an excuse for the lack of service.

Live Chat is no longer an option having been withdrawn by Plusnet several months ago. There are some links still on the website despite repeated calls on these forums for those to be deleted so that customers are not misled. There are also several mentions of Live Chat in the text on the website which also need to be removed. If any Live Chat links work they only take you to sales bot perhaps another indication of where Plusnet priorities lie.

Hopefully a Plusnet staffer will pick your post up here as these forums are supposed to be a valid channel when seeking support (as are Facebook and Twitter, and by telephone if you want to hang on forever or do not get cut off. The only way to raise a ticket for support is through the complaints procedure - click on Complaints Code of Practice at the bottom of this page and then select How to complain about our broadband etc., then the highlighted text with the Help Assistant paragraph. Hopefully things will be sorted before you get to that option.

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Re: Abysmal support


My guess is that you have both changed Internet provider and upgraded from ADSL to "fibre" (VDSL) at the same time.

While your experience with Plusnet support clearly isn't good the likely problem and fix isn't within their gift to fix.


Plug your new router into the phone master socket (with no other connections so unscrew the cover and plug into the test socket using the filter lead).


My guess is that this will make your broadband connection stable. Once that is working the WiFi will probably come good.


Try that and report back.



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Re: Abysmal support


To access the router (I am assuming a Hub One) then the login details are on the card on the back of the router. is the IP address you need.

You can reports faults via the faults wizard