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ASUS router set-up

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ASUS router set-up

I bought an ASUS RT-AX86U router hoping to improve the wifi coverage in my home. The cable from my phone socket was plugged into the DSL socket on my Plusnet router but the connector clearly isn't intended to fit in the blue WAN port on the ASUS and, not surprisingly, the ASUS set up tells me to connect a cable. My router is some distance from the phone socket and PC so I can't easily swap the cable for the correct type. If changing the cable is the only solution, can anyone please tell me what sort I need, or is there some sort of adapter that would allow me to connect the DSL cable to the WAN port? You will have gathered that my IT knowledge is at best rudimentary so, if you can help, please use non-technical language. On a related note, the ASUS setup process refers to a modem which I had assumed was an integral part of the router. Do I need to buy a modem as well? Any help would be appreciated and apologies for my naivety.

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Re: ASUS router set-up

Welcome to the forums, @KenWalker . I am afraid you have bought a pure router, so yes you will have to either buy a separate router, or return what you have, if possible and get a combined modem/router - it won't work on its own, hence the incompatible cables.

I'm no hardware expert, so I'll ask the mods to move this to the correct board where hopefully one of more tech guys can advise you further.

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Re: ASUS router set-up

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Re: ASUS router set-up

@KenWalker I'm afraid that John @jab1 is correct , the Asus doesn't have a inbuilt modem and so can't connect directly to the DSL port. As an alternative to buying a separate modem, you may be able to achieve your aim of improved wifi coverage by using the Asus in Access point mode.  Basically , you leave the PlusNet router connected as it is, configure the Asus  Operation Mode to Access point, then connect the WAN port of the Asus to a LAN port on the Plusnet router. There's a guide here ( albeit for a slightly different model ). Once connected like this you may wish to turn off the wifi on the PlusNet router to avoid interference with the Asus

edit: I've just checked the manual for the AX68U and it does have the Access point mode option

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