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ASUS GT-AC2900 Router

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ASUS GT-AC2900 Router

Hi All.

Wondered if someone can help me, i have two gaming fanatic sons with PC's and have ran lines to both their computers, they are constantly moaning about their ping, when one is playing fortnite the other is un playable due to ping 300+, they cant both seem to play at the same time with low ping and find myself re setting the router a lot to try help.

Now without thinking or looking into it too much to stop arguing which is going to occur in the Xmas holidays i bought the - ASUS GT-AC2900 router, now (after purchase) i have started to look at setting it up but now reading that it may not be as straight forward as i initially thought.

Can anyone offer any advise on the best way of getting it set up, do i need to buy and set up a modem also ?

Any advise would be appreciated.



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Re: ASUS GT-AC2900 Router

@Shane_Ward11  Welcome to the forum.

I suspect that you have fallen into the trap of buying a router when what you really want is a combined modem/router. To use this device you also need to buy a separate modem.

Is it too late to return it and start again? Have you made sure that this will resolve your problem? Have you tried the gaming machines connected to the router via an Ethernet cable to confirm whether you have a wireless problem? It's no good throwing money at fancy routers if you have, for example, a network problem such as low speed.

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