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5Ghz Wifi channel change

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5Ghz Wifi channel change

Suffering from a teenager complaining about the quality of the wifi I resisted clubbing him with a frying pan and so we did some calm research on the matter. I established that a change of 5ghz channel change might serve me well so I managed to find the available channels in my area and which of those were apparently the better ones to use but none of these appear on the drop down selection in the Plusnet hub. Is this a limitation of the hub or is there a way of confuguring the router to utiilse these apparent beeter channels? Many thanks

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Re: 5Ghz Wifi channel change

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If the option is available on the options then it's not available using this router.

However it might help if you explained the problem in more detail. 

Which router have you got? Presumably a Hub One?

Have you tried separating the wifi channels, see

Have you tried then using the 2.4GHz band?

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Re: 5Ghz Wifi channel change

There are no "beta" WiFi channels available. There has and always will be what has been there since it was divided up.

I won't bore you with the exact channel numbers and frequencies but in short there are 3 bands. A - Indoor, B - Outdoor and C - Licensed Outdoor.

Strictly speaking Band A is split in 2 but that's neither here nor there at this point. 


I don't know the PN router well enough to know if it has a "scan" feature but you can do this with a phone anyway, check what networks are around you, select the channel that the others aren't on.

The 2.4Ghz spectrum will likely be much busier as there are less overall channels and it generally travels further (although slower).
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Re: 5Ghz Wifi channel change

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Re: 5Ghz Wifi channel change

Thank you, no the two were still synced so I've changed it to will wait to see what happens and yes it is a Hub one. Smiley

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Re: 5Ghz Wifi channel change

Hi @Kevo1,

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with the Wi-Fi. In all honesty, I would have recommended to split the frequencies myself at this stage, so I'm glad to see that you've already done this Smiley

If there's any further issues then please let us know and we'll be happy to pick this back up for further review.

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