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2704n Router and Apple iphone

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2704n Router and Apple iphone



I'm new to Plusnet, my internet finally got switched over today and i set up my router as per the instructions, i connected all my devices which include a windows laptop, a smart tv and an xbox all which have worked perfectly then i connected my Apple iphone 8 and i am having problems.
Unless im sat within a meter of the router the signal just drops out?? (All the other devices seem to have great signal from the router no matter how far away)

i have tried restarting the router, restarting the phone, i downloaded a program to find out which channels all the nearby devices are on and changed mine to 6 since this was the least busy and it has made no difference!

i have seen that people with the same probelms are able to fix it when they have the home hub one but is there anything else i can do with with 2704n?

it worked perfectly with my bt router before today so its something to do with the new router surely?


many thanks if anyone can help me!







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Re: 2704n Router and Apple iphone


 You can eliminate (or confirm) the router being to blame by making your BT router work on your Plusnet connection. There are instructions in this forum for each common model.

As a general observation, Apple devices can be tricky with wifi and I've had issues making devices connect but not had the range problem you observe.

Give the BT router a go (with the correct settings) and see.



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Re: 2704n Router and Apple iphone

As @markhawkin says, use the BT router. You will most  probably find that this has better wifi performance anyway so I would stick with it. There are many of us who use BT routers due to their superior performance.

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Re: 2704n Router and Apple iphone

thank you for your help! followed the instructions i found on the forum and it worked straight away, back to good signal strength! Smiley