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12 Device limit? Hub One and Google WiFi

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12 Device limit? Hub One and Google WiFi

Hello all!


I joined the community today today as I'm trying to resolve a wifi issue.


My HubeOne has poor wifi in my home so I bought and connected a Google Nest wifi unit. This is connected by ethernet to the Hub, and both 2.4 and 5GHz networks on the Hub are now switched off.


Day to day for the majority of devices, I have no problems with wifi. It's fast and stable. But several devices that did once to the Google wifi are no longer doing so - most notably the HP printer and a no-name wifi light bulb. Both devices see the SSID and attempt to log in, but eventually time out.


Looking at the Google Home app, I can see that overall 12 devices are connected. The theoretical limit is 200.


Reading other threads, some legacy Plusnet routers did have a 12 device limit, but not the HubOne. I also see that some issues can occur with DCHP, which passes the limit of my technical expertise.



A factory reset of the Hub allows the missing devices to connect to the Google SSID, but they seem to disconnect when other devices are logged in (my daughter's friends' phones for example). All the other devices that need regular internet stay connected, just not the printer, the smart bulb and a few odds and sods like a Garmin sat nav which is only ever occasionally connected. So 12 devices seems to be the 'magic' number. Which sadly isn't enough!


Can anyone provide some help? Many thanks in advance.

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Re: 12 Device limit? Hub One and Google WiFi

@regster12  Wekcome to the forum.

I understand that a Google Nest WiFi is a router, the Hub One is a combined modem/router. This begs the question how you have it connected? You will be either connected as an Access Point and losing many of the Nest features or double NATing your connection, which can cause problems.

Your best bet is probably to ditch the Hub One and get a simple bridge modem. There are a few around but if you want a cheap solution get a used Model 3B Huawei HG612 , you will find them on auction sites going quite cheaply.

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