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strCustActivationDate Appalling wait

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strCustActivationDate Appalling wait

I have received an email saying my phone line has been activated, and that my internet would not be active until 02/12/2020. But when looking on my account the estimated date of connection says {strCustActivationDate}. The order for my router also says that it is still being processed, even though I set up my account a week ago (14/11/2020), so would've thought it should have been posted and even arrived now (21/11/20). I moved into my flat on the 11th, and hoped that I would have internet by now, or in the next week. If I had known it would take over 3 weeks to setup i would've gone somewhere cheaper, like Sky. This is appalling and every time I try to call the support line i get cut off or am on hold for over an hour waiting to talk to someone.

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Re: strCustActivationDate Appalling wait

@moobaa99  Welcome to the forums

The router is normally only sent out a few days before you go live on broadband, its normally sent  via Royal Mail.

The broadband normally goes live 10 working days after the phone line is made live. so at least 2 weeks after the phone line. This is an Openreach rule not PlusNet, so would be the same normally with all ISP's.

Currently their are additional delays due to staff shortages within Openreach I understand due to some virus or other. This is outside PlusNet's control. The go live date is likely to be the estimated date as provided by Openreach.