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slightly confused

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slightly confused

On Friday 19th January I finally plucked up the courage to leave my current supplier (TalkTalk) after many years of suffering poor service.  Within an hour of signing-up with PlusNet I received an email from TalkTalk trying to get me to stay with them before they end my service on 2nd February. I have now received an email from PlusNet informing me my order is progressing and my activation date will be 7th February.  I am worried that I will be without phone and broadband for the 5 days from 2nd to 7th February.  Has this happened to anyone else and any suggestions please.





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Re: slightly confused

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Re: slightly confused

I had the same problem when moving over from TalkTalk to Plusnet. TalkTalk did everything they could to prevent me from leaving and Plusnet did as they promised. I was given a date and went 'live' on that date with no loss of service, although TalkTalk tried to stop my phone number from being transferred over for some reason. In the end all went smooth.

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Re: slightly confused

Looking at

it seems to me that, since Plusnet are leading the switch, TalkTalk should be maintain the connection until Plusnet takes over. Maybe be worth contacting Ofcom

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Re: slightly confused

Hi @Bob5

Welcome to the forums, and thanks for choosing Plusnet.

I've checked your order and updated you via the ticket you raised with us a few moments ago. I hope it clarifies things for you.


If you have any more questions please let me know.

 Jono H
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