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poor quality information on broadband upgrade

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Registered: ‎15-04-2021

poor quality information on broadband upgrade

Hi Plusnet. I'd rather email you directly than post here but here we go, because there seems to be no direct email I can use. I have an email from you saying I was to be upgraded to faster broadband on 14th April which has now passed. The email quoted a high and incorrect price for the upgrade. Plusnet previous emails state the agreed price. What is going on? I would like clear information on when i will be upgraded (imminently I hope) and whether it will cause transient disruption, and I want reassurance that I will not be charged the incorrect high monthly rate.

You have already messed up this order. I made the order around mid March and was told I would be sent a router but no router arrived. I had to phone to remind you, a conversation that took longer than it needed as you also went through the contract terms which I had already agreed to. 

Thanks, John