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phone order cancellation

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phone order cancellation

I am moving house on the 7th. I ordered a new connection (home phone and fibre) on Feb 25th so that it could be up and running as soon as possible after my move. I was given a date of the 12th for the phone to be active and the 13th for the fibre.

However, I have just received an email saying my phone order has been cancelled?? There is no information as to why this has happened. Can someone please look into it for me?

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Re: phone order cancellation

Welcome to the forum.

In case you are not aware, this is not a formal communication channel constantly monitored by Plusnet. Posting on this forum will only get you a response if a Plusnet staffer happens to come along and they are short staffed at the moment due to the weather in the north.  I would advise you to either ring them or contact them by live chat as it sounds as though there could be an issue to be resolved before the transfer can be completed..

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Re: phone order cancellation

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): This thread is now in the appropriate board.

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: phone order cancellation

@chriskeens I've responded to you over on social media with the details.

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