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ordered fiber optic and I can only get standard broadband

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Registered: ‎23-01-2021

ordered fiber optic and I can only get standard broadband


Few weeks ago we decide to upgrade our internet to fiber optic. Instead of staying with our provider we moved to plus net and since then we got all sort off problems. They made the change without confirming that they can offer what they promise. They informed us that we will switch lines on the 18th of January. They switched our landline and we suddenly stop having internet. I assumed that it will take a while to connect to the new line. Next day I called them and they told me that our broadband is not active and they will have to order it, which it could take up to 7 days. The same time they realised that they didn't send us a router either. I complained and they will say that they will register the issue and check if we can be compensated. Nothing yet. 

Then I received a text that our broadband will be activated on the 22nd of January, waited for a day and call them today. I got informed that there is no available fiber optic line in our area and it may become available between 7-90 days, though they can't guarantee it. They offered to put me on the standard broadband until a line becomes available and it may take another week for the standard broadband to activate. 

it is unacceptable, I am working from home and I won't have internet for 2 weeks. Before the switch we should be informed about that we may no be able to get fiber optic, so we can have an informative decision. No I have a contract that it is active from the 18th of January, I am without internet and still have to pay plus I need to top up my phone to have extra data to be able to work. I am paying twice for a service that it isn't provided. 


I would appreciate any advice of how to handle all of this mess. Not a happy new customer at all.