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Hi ive ordered broadband and phone services from u..i had an email to say service will be activated today..they havent been? Youve taken payment so I'm abit confused
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Re: order

Activated doesn't always mean visited. Have you already got a phone line in the building? If so you might want to check it..

BTW you posted in the general chat forum not the broadband / phone forums.

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Re: order

He also posted exactly the same message in the My Order board - I've reported this topic as a duplicate but not sure where the moderators are tonight!

Now sorted by the moderators

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Re: order

Hi @greener2,

I have looked into this for you and can see that the orders were cancelled as a result of rejection from them as the postal code record they hold is incorrect for the migration to complete. Can you contact them please and get them to update this information please and then we can process with this order.

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