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my broadband order

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my broadband order



Despite several phone attempts and a chase via support ticket last Sunday, i have not had any updates to my order. The details on the ticket mention all that i need answered so i would appreciate it if someone could respond. As it stands i am contemplating canceling the whole switch due to the poor service i have experienced so far and in light of the fact that you were efficient enough to take money out of my account straight away on submission of my order but have not then progressed it further, therefore leaving me out of pocket for no benefit

I await a response to provide service update and a resolution plan taking into account the hassle and time it is taking me to try to get information that should be provided to me as part of your systems



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Re: my broadband order

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Re: my broadband order

Hi @AndyI1,


I'm sorry that you have not received an update about your order, I appreciate this is causing you concern. Please accept our apologies for any delay in responding.


I have looked into this and have sent you an update here.


If you have any further queries, please let us know.