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moving home arrange a month ago no broadband..

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moving home arrange a month ago no broadband..

Not sure where to start here,but the way ive been treated is shocking! Ill start from the start..

More than a month ago i phoned to inform that moving home and i told the the date. No problems quick and easy.
Next day after i arrange date to new house my solicitor phoned and said "dont order on same day just in case we not gonna get they keys on time" Okay so i phoned them again change a date all done no problems.

..week before moving in i decided to check if everything okay.. phoned them and been advised that date was not change due the staff error... obviously it was still week left no problems those things happen.

Moving date (monday)
08:00 call from engineering "hi im next to your door" i was like noooooooo!!! i advised him that i change date a month ago and a week ago to confirm. "he said nah nothing been change ill comeback to my boss" and that was it... So i phone plusnet again to check what happened ive been advised that nobody cancel my old order..Staff error number 2!?
Ive been assured thats this is not a problem somebody will come on wednesday as requested.

Tuesday still moving broke my works laptop need a new one no problem got one just need updates etc..
Tuesday after noon text "sorry its gonna be delayed" at that point i thought im gonna be explode.. phoned again and been advisid they plusnet will update me in 24 hours..

Wednesday no futher update i had to go my friend house to update laptop also had conference call and used all data, boss not happy why im not sorted broadband i tried to explain,but ita unbelievable.

Thursday no other info just says somebody will contact me..
Now its friday im working from frienda house no contact.. thanks..

Why i as a customer have to suffer for your errors? Is it hard to arrange engineer to come next day cos of the delay? I arrange this a month ago!!!? Plenty of notice and you treat me like this?
Working remotely from friends house and today friday no contact!
100% nobody gonna come on weekend or today and it will be pushed to next week...
Ill take my time and read t&c if i find any gaps ill cancel my contact never been treated like that im sorry.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: moving home arrange a month ago no broadband..

Thank you for your time on the phone @nrktheone, I have updated the ticket on the back of our conversation.

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team