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broadband setup

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broadband setup

hi all
newbie here. I have an engineer at my place this morning to install the phone line and I was told the internet will be up and running soon. I tried to follow the setup from the manual for my router but It keeps saying I am connected but no internet. j have tried using the set up page with the numbers(192. .......) but everytime I try to log in with my account detail there is nothing. anyone with similar problem or possible solution?
many thanks
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Re: broadband setup

Welcome to the forum.

The most likely cause is that Plusnet have not yet activated your account. This can take up to midnight on the go live day. The router should set itself up automatically. If it's not up tomorrow try a factory reset by pushing a paperclip in the reset hole in the back, keep it pressed in for around 30 secs.

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Re: broadband setup

Hi @jackycckhk2000


Welcome to the forums! 


I have looked into this for you and can confirm that what @Baldrick1 said is correct, your order is still committed to go live today - I'm afraid that "today" can mean anytime up until 23:59:59. The good news however, is that there is no delays or rejections that we can see.


If, by first thing tomorrow morning, you are still lacking a service please get back to us and we can progress this forward accordingly. 


Kind Regards




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Re: broadband setup

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