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Zero connection - moved house

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Zero connection - moved house

I upgraded to fibre broadband while moving house last week, I haven’t had any broadband at all since. I see a flashing orange light and a red B on my hub one. I have tried the router in every phone socket and logged in on my router settings in a browser. Nothing seems to be working, it is as if there is no broadband coming to the flat at all. I have no landline phone handset to test the phone line.

For context, I changed address last week and my plusnet broadband was cut off at my previous address 2 days early, disrupting my working week, I then moved address hoping that on the following day that my appointment with an openreach engineer would establish my new connection. The engineer never came. We begin working from home in the next few days and will be dependent on our new fibre broadband connection at our new address. Please can I speak to someone who can get me connected?
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Re: Zero connection - moved house

Hi they are doing the exact same thing to us as well : (

We are using our mobile minutes to work and it’s running out fast.

They told us it would be plug and play and now it’s late and wait.

They have promised us three connection days by midnight but nothing happens. They are now just extending the wait date till Friday so we have no idea what’s happening over the weekend.

Mobile minutes are our minutes why are we subsidising a massive tech company to pay for their failure to connect?

They keep blaming open reach...

How long did it take you to connect with them Shicknaw?

Some are saying it takes a month, how is this even legal if you are paying for the service?
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Re: Zero connection - moved house

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Re: Zero connection - moved house

It’s sickening to see with just a quick look on the forum how many of us have been failed in the same way by plusnet when moving home. The same story with failed connection dates at midnight and it being left to us to use our own phone data to attempt to work from home. This seems to be a bigger problem than I first thought and really needs to be firstly fixed on an individual basis to get us connected but addressed on a wider basis as there seems to be some real failings within this team.