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Will I Be Left In Limbo?

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Registered: ‎29-12-2020

Will I Be Left In Limbo?

Hi there. I placed an order with Plusnet for Unlimited Fibre on December 14th. I'm changing from another provider. My first month's payment was taken that day. I then got emails saying my phone line and number would switch tomorrow (December 30th). But I haven't been given a date for fibre activation and my router hasn't even been sent yet. What happens tomorrow after my phone line changes? Will my broadband from my previous provider stop working? I am in m absolute panic about this. I can't be left without broadband. Can I still cancel Plusnet and stay with my current provider? What do I do here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Will I Be Left In Limbo?

From my experience with Plusnet I can't offer you any reassurance. I was left without broadband and landline for 24 days. Their customer service seem to have a policy of blaming someone else, such as my last broadband provider Talktalk or Openreach. Plusnet I understand is not signed up to Ofcom's automatic compensation scheme and I'm still struggling to get any reasonable compensation from them. Personally I wish I had never been taken in by their marketing. I think you are intitled to cancel but whether they screw that up as well I can't say.