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Why has PN no expedite installation process with OR?

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Why has PN no expedite installation process with OR?

Moved house on the 1st October.

Signed up for PN Fibre Broadband on the 29th Sept. I choose PN after cancelling an order with Talk Talk as they kept moving the installation date (because they messed up the original order then asked me to re-order the same order and then that put me at the back of the queue for Openreach install).

Anyway - got a notification from PN that the phone line had been switched on the 4th Oct and ready to use. Then I got an email stating the the BB will be installed 13th Oct (not guaranteed as the order may require an engineer visit). Order reference: 3-366356777097 My Hub One arrived on the 6th Oct also. Fast! Got an email stating that the router was dispatched and on its way on the 7th Oct even though I had it the day before.

The previous house owner had BT fibre installed and there is an Openreach socket in the utility room. I thought that this should all make for an easy install without any issues. Basically, just a switch over.

Then I got notified by text that the BB services would become active on 21st Oct! What happened to the 13thHuh

Why should it take so long to make a 'switch' to get my BB active? No Openreach Engineer required!

Bearing in mind that I choose PN after Talk Talk moved my dates and that was my reason to cancel with them! If I had of been more patient, then I would have had BB installed me Talk Talk on the 12th!

Ok - sorry for the long amount of facts! Why don't ISP's offer an expedited installation service (obviously you would have to pay for it)?

Openreach has all the ISP's by the short and curly's and maybe the ISP's should have their own small installation crack teams for customers who are willing to pay the extra for a fast install.

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Re: Why has PN no expedite installation process with OR?

It would be a nice idea, but I am guessing OR wouldn't allow other parties not selected by them to work on the infrastructure that they own and maintain.

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Re: Why has PN no expedite installation process with OR?

PN is now a bargain basement operator, you have to wait your turn. You could try Zen or or A&A an pay their rates
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Re: Why has PN no expedite installation process with OR?

Plusnet would be ordering the broadband from BTWholesale. There's an "Expedite connection" listed in the WBC Price spreadsheet, it's £196 (ex. VAT). I wouldn't know why Plusnet don't offer it or if it would even be applicable in your situation.