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Whos telling the truth BT or Plusnet ?

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Whos telling the truth BT or Plusnet ?

Engineer visited after over a month yesterday to install our services, which I was unable to bring forward.

BT advised that the phone line needed additional work BUT that Plusnet could activate our internet still with the work they had done (plus the router is showing an Orange light - which states in the manual that it is connected to the internet, but not activated yet)

After a lot of calls and time on hold to Plusnet I have been told that BT lied to us about being able to activate the broadband.

My wife requires the internet for work, so is now having to complete a 1 hour roud trip daily to go to a family members to use it. 

Anyone else had this issue ?



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Re: Whos telling the truth BT or Plusnet ?

Hi @imr82 and welcome to the forums!

I'm afraid while an order doesn't show as complete in our suppliers systems, we are unable to activate the account. As it stands there shouldn't be a signal getting to your router as all actions on the provide haven't been completed. I can see that we have provided an update via the provisioning ticket which you can access here.


Our provisioning team will continue to monitor the order until completion and provide you updates as we receive them.


Thank you.

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Re: Whos telling the truth BT or Plusnet ?

My guess is that the internet connection is up and running but more work is needed to get the telephone connections sorted. Consequently whilst it might be technically possible to activate your broadband service the computer says NO unless both are operational. So no-one is lying, it's just that the BT technician doesn't understand how the administration of accounts works.

Unless you have a business account I doubt that your wife needing it for work will cut any ice.

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Re: Whos telling the truth BT or Plusnet ?

Using a residential account for more than the occasional business email use is explicitly prohibited by the T&Cs.

Also note that if your wife wants to claim the cost of the service as a business expense, residential accounts do not receive a VAT invoice. Some businesses have difficulties dealing with that.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.