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Where is my router!?

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Where is my router!?

I have been on hold to Plusnet for over an hour, I have tweeted them, facebook messaged them and messaged them on Instagram and I have had no reply. 


My Line went live a few days ago and I have still received absolutely no communication about my router. When will it be sent out and when will I receive it? 

I am still within the cancellation period so I will be terminating the contract if I don't get an update as the customer service is already appalling and I've only been with them for 10 days and not even used any internet yet!

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Re: Where is my router!?

Whats your current router?

 that is what router did you have from your previous Internet service provider?


There is a chance it may work with your plusnet service without to much trouble.

 Plusnet are a budget ISP and their routers ( in my opinion) fall under the category of only just about good enough at best.

 the best location for a plusnet router is in its box not plugged into anything, and for you to use your own router/modem instead - take a look at the "my router" sub forum

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Re: Where is my router!?


The OP didn't mention if they already had a router. Have you ordered fibre?

Also, if they did have a previous ISP and weren't on fibre then they'd need a VDSL router and not an ADSL one.

Hopefully a member of staff may pick this up, and you can PM them with your username so they see when it was dispatched. 

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Re: Where is my router!?

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