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Where is my Internet?

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Where is my Internet?

Dear PlusNet,

On 8th January I placed an order to switch my Broadband service from TalkTalk to you. I received a confirmation of my order via email soon after. I then received a letter from TalkTalk, dated 9th January, advising me my service with them would end on 22nd January.

The only information I've had from PlusNet was the confirmation of my initial order, I had no updates until I contacted PlusNet. On 22nd January my service from TalkTalk was disconnected, at this point I didn’t even have my router. I called PlusNet to advise them and it was then sent to me. I was also told that there was a problem connecting my new service and that PlusNet would look into this and update me on 23rd January. I wasn’t contacted on 23rd January, as promised. On 22nd the reason I was given for the problem was because my phone number was taken from Sky to TalkTalk Openreach had to place a manual order.

I received my router on 24th January but still no update on my service. I connected my router to see if it worked – it didn’t. I then called PlusNet to find out what was happening, I was told that I would have to wait until 30th January for my service to be connected. The reason given this time was that ‘your service is delayed and after contacting our suppliers they have stated due to orders not being processed on time the losing provider has rejected your order’. I'm not sure what happened as Talk Talk sent me an email on 8th January and letter on 9th January regarding me changing supplier, so they were obviously aware of this.

This situation is extremely frustrating, I haven’t had an internet connection for 4 days now and I have been told I need to wait another 4. From what I’m aware the Openreach switch-over is ‘gaining provider led’ meaning PlusNet should take control of this. If there was ever going to be an issue delaying my switch-over shouldn’t PlusNet have contacted TalkTalk to inform them and keep my service live until PlusNet were able to take over? I have paid my TalkTalk service until the middle of February so this shouldn’t have been an issue, instead I’ve been without a connection for 4 days and have been told I need to wait 4 more. This has been the worst experience I’ve ever had switching broadband, can someone please sort this?

Best wishes,
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Where is my Internet?

Hi @Jam234


Thank you for getting in touch and I am so sorry to hear about the delays you are experiencing with you order.


I have reviewed the details of your query and the order details and have updated the ticket on your account here


If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch.