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What's happening with my order?

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Registered: ‎08-10-2020

What's happening with my order?

I ordered my broadband + line rental on Monday last week, chose Plusnet because I had heard good things about the customer service and their current schedules were 2-3 days for phone lines and 5-7 days for broadband. Here I am 10 days later with only one update, that was on Tuesday last week that my phone line was going to be activated the next day. Haven't heard anything since.

I've tried live chat, it's never online. I was on hold on the phone yesterday for an hour, so gave up. Tried phoning today and they're just saying there's too many people and disconnects me. Tried e-mailing and no response, tried Twitter and no response.

I'm working and studying from home, and currently using my mobile data so it's costing me a fortune. I don't expect things to be done instantly, but I need an update.