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What’s going on?

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What’s going on?


So I signed up for phone line and broadband package on 08/03, my phone line and broadband went off on 15/03 and I was told it would go live with you on 23/03

Since then I have had various emails and messages with different connection dates, messages telling me my contact has been cancelled, followed by another telling me a different connection date, then a message telling me I could not retain my landline number, then a message saying I would get a call from customer services that never happened

The latest date I now have is 14/04, meaning I have been 1 month without phone and broadband, yet I have had no more info about what is going on with my phone line?

I wouldn’t mind if they were emails from an actual person explaining what was going on and what the problem is, rather than auto generated emails, I have tried calling but give up after been on hold for 1/2 hour +

So I would appreciate it if someone could let me know what’s going on, my wife is a university lecturer who has to carry out online teaching so at present is having to go to my fathers house every day to work which isn’t very COVID secure,

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Re: What’s going on?

Join the club. I signed up December 2020. Got welcome emails, welcome pack, they took my money and despite having internet since then, I don't apparently have an account with Plusnet and checking the order status, it has been pending for the last 4 months.