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What kind of operation is this?

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What kind of operation is this?

First I wasnt able to order online as the website crashed, so I had to call up and do everything on the phone.


The engineer was supposed to be at mine 1 or 2nd of October ( I actually ordered for 2nd but the guy on the phone put in 1st even though I repeated 2nd to him).


I payed engineer, first month wifi and router costs, engineers did not show up at all nor any further communication.


Chat is not available nor can you call customer services. I have been so angry at this stage as this internet is vital, that I tried to call to cancel, but have been on hold for 20+ min for 3 times now. What is this?? 


You take the money happily but you do not show up or install your device and then do not even leave a way to chase up resorting your customers to post to this community forum, shambles. 


Please either cancel me immediately and fully refund me or sort out an engineer visit ASAP.



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Re: What kind of operation is this?

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