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What a farce!

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What a farce!

I tried to upgrade from unlimited fibre to fibre extra as our speeds have been less than impressive lately.

This was on 20th May, immediately there was some kind of problem with the upgrade.

This appeared to have been sorted internally according to support tickets.

I checked my package again a few days later to find I was still on the old fibre package.

A phone call later and no progess as they had not changed my package at their end - and they could not tell me why.

Fast forward to the next phone call and apparently the advisor could not access parts of my account due to "problems" - they would call back.

No call recieved, surprise, surprise.

I checked my support tickes again and another bod from plusnet had chimed in asking if this could be looked into as no change on the account was pending, what? Why don't YOU check it? You're an analyst aren't you?

So now I'm totally [Removed] off with this utter shambles of a company.

I will move elsewhere next month when my current tie in ends.

What are the chances they'll turn round and say due to a contract started 20th May (which hasn't acctually happened apparently) I owe a load of money to pay up the new contract first?

I am expecting this post to be deleted straight away too.


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Re: What a farce!

@Jon_Moss wrote:

I am expecting this post to be deleted straight away too.

If all posts critical of Plusnet were deleted there would be very little to read on this forum.

Coming back to the post, are you writing to say that you're fed up and leaving or are you looking for assistance from a Plusnet staffer?

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: What a farce!

Thanks for your post @Jon_Moss

From checking your account this is now resolved?

Let us know if this isn't the case

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