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Want to keep existing phone number?

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Want to keep existing phone number?



I placed a new order for home phone and broadband yesterday. I received a text message shortly afterwards and was told that I will be given a new landline number which I really don't want.

Is there anyway I can keep my existing landline number and if so how do I go about doing this?


Thank you for any help,


Bat66 🦇

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Re: Want to keep existing phone number?


You should have been given the option when you signed up. I would ring them back, ask for it to be added and if they say it's too hard then cancel the order.

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Re: Want to keep existing phone number?

Hi @bat66,


Thanks for getting in touch, I appreciate your query.


If the order is in progress then the renumber can only take place after the order completes and any supplier-imposed waiting period has lapsed. The alternative is to cancel your existing order and request the renumber first.


I haven't been able to locate your details, please can you send your username by private message so I can find out what's happening with the order.


Thanks - LF



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Re: Want to keep existing phone number?

Hi there, I have the same issue, potentially. I signed up last night and I am unsure whether I will be able to keep my existing land line swapping from Sky.

Any help much appreciated .