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Waiting for broadband and phone line activation

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Waiting for broadband and phone line activation

I have received my router but not had confirmation that my broadband has been activated. I was told that I cannot plug router in yet but have been without internet and phone line. I can’t get hold of anyone from plusnet via phone, but would love to know when this will happen. As a disabled person I rely heavily on having access to the internet and need my landline set up as I have many medical professionals call on this number. I have already bought extra mobile data but can afford more. Would appreciate some help please.
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Re: Waiting for broadband and phone line activation

PN are dependent on OpenReach to facilitate provision of your phone/ADSL; when they update PN, they'll update you.
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Re: Waiting for broadband and phone line activation

Thanks for your post @Ro92 and welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm really sorry for the delay with your order. I tried to call you today on your mobile, but there was no answer. I've chased this up with our suppliers helpdesk and I'm advised that they've still got to carry out work at the exchange.

It looks like this hadn't happened yesterday as planned due to unforeseen lack of engineer availability and resourcing issues, but we're to expect an engineer to go out within the next 2 working days, so I'll check back on Wednesday at the latest.

As you've mentioned you're disabled and need your home phone for medical professionals to call, I'd recommend filling out our additional support form Here so we can make sure we're offering the best support we can.

If you can also private message me or reply to the ticket I've logged on your account Here with brief details of the medical conditions you may have, and if you have a careline pendant, I can look at raising an emergency welfare case with our suppliers to try to prioritise your order with the engineers.

I'll try calling your mobile on Wednesday to follow things up with you, but feel free to get back to me either on our forums here or by replying to the support ticket sooner and if you'd like me to ring before then. 

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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Re: Waiting for broadband and phone line activation

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