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Waiting 5 months for installation to be completed

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Waiting 5 months for installation to be completed

Hi I have been waiting 5 months now for my fibre to be installed and activated and its no further along. I was told in the past couple of weeks that they were struggling to connect the copper wire to the line in order to get online but i have heard no development since 22nd February 2018 its getting beyond a joke now and it needs to be completed as soon as possible or i will be forced to either leave plusnet and go somewhere ekse for my internet or i will be forced to take it higher and go to Ombudsman services to get it sorted as i am sick of waiting just to be let down again and again. The most annoying part is that i have been living in my new house since September 28th 2017 and not had any form of internet in all the time i have lived in the new house which has now been 5 months
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Re: Waiting 5 months for installation to be completed

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Re: Waiting 5 months for installation to be completed

Hi @Tom28

Thanks for getting in contact, please accept my apologies for the extensive delays you have encountered.

I have spoken to the suppliers and the order is still in a delayed status due to the external line plant work still being carried out. Our suppliers have sent an email off to the relevant department to pick this up as a priority and we have been advised to review back on 08/03/2018. We will review back on the 8th and update you accordingly. 


Once again I am really sorry for the delays there have been. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reply.

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