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Very unhappy with sign up process!

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Very unhappy with sign up process!

I went through the sign up process for a new LIne + BB package with PN entering my details as well as paying the first amount, then entered bank details for the direct debit, then when I pressed continue, all that happened was redirecting to the Plusnet Homepage

 Zero confirmation or acknowledgement that my account was setup.

I cannot Login to my Plusnet Account either with the UN and PW I set up when entering details for this account.

PN do not have my email as I only ticked the box for a new Plusnet email, which I set up when entering my details

Also I wanted to change over from my old ISP on a particular date, but there was no option to notify PN of the date on sign up


Now  I am very worried that I was scammed by a fake site 

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Community Gaffer
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Re: Very unhappy with sign up process!

Welcome to the community forums @Tarzan

It sounds like an account wasn't created. Was any money taken from your bank account?


Also, I'll be happy to arrange a call back to sign you up if you want.

Feel free to PM me your contact number.

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