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Very, VERY, unhappy

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Very, VERY, unhappy

Was previously with B.T. and decided to leave because they were putting their price up. Had been a customer with Plusnet in a previous life (Crazy) and they were offering the same broadband as B.T. for £10 a month less so took the plunge. Advised that the broadband switch would happen by midnight on the 14th December. The morning of the 13th December B.T. had decided that I was no longer of any use to them so had disconnected me. Rang Plusnet (not for the first time in this little scenario), to hear the (standard it seems) 15 minute wait message. 29 minutes later!! somebody spoke to me to say that my broadband would be active later that same day. Received an email on 13th December to say broadband was ready to go, but alas that was not to be Ticked_off, and that was sent in error. As was the section in the email that said I hadn't ordered a router. Silly me Crazy3 (I opened the box that the nice man from Royal Mail had delivered just in case it was a surprise present from a secret admirer, but sadly not, it was the router that I HAD ordered). To cut a long and very tedious story short it now transpires that apparently there is an 'exception', which means that my order cannot be completed, and a Specialist team (I feel loved Smitten) are working to resolve the issue and hopefully there will be an update by Monday. I work from home. NO INTERNET. No work Angry. Heating mostly controlled via the internet. No internet! I don't watch terrestrial TV because it's rubbish, I stream Netflix. NO INTERNET. Should this not be rectified then regardless of the fact that my order has exceeded the 14 day cooling off period (which Plusnet start from the day of order and not date of service) I will be cancelling my service on the grounds of Plusnet failing to provide a service and will NOT be paying any fees to do so.........I watch this space with excitement Knuppel


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Re: Very, VERY, unhappy

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Re: Very, VERY, unhappy

I'm sorry to hear of your experience which, from looking at your account, ultimately lead you to cancel your order with us.

All the best with your new provider. -Anoush

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