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Urgently need an update about the status of my Broadband order

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Registered: ‎21-08-2020

Urgently need an update about the status of my Broadband order

I urgently need an update as to whats going on - it's been a month and i'm going to be without internet from today. I need this to do my job and i cannot get a response from plus net via any channel despite many attempts.

I placed an order a month ago (25th July)

Engineer visited last Friday (14th August),

Told me I hear about the next steps within 48 hrs.

No contact or updates since. Can't get through to you on the phone, twitter, chat, or using the ticketing system.

I rang my existing supplier (Virgin - who do actually answer the phone) to ask if they can extend service. They say they cannot because Plus Net have submitted a transfer request for my phone number.

So I am stuck in limbo. No idea what Plus Net are up to. No way to effectively cancel, keep my existing service, or go to another supplier. 

I cannot work without an internet connection so I need to know when Plus Net can get me online.

Order Number: BP04495075

Ticket Number: 204234800

Worryingly, I notice there are several people in very similar situations on this forum getting no help whatsoever

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Posts: 2
Registered: ‎21-08-2020

Re: Urgently need an update about the status of my Broadband order

So, same as for many people on here it seems. It's now 6 weeks after my order. 3 weeks after the date I was given for activation. 2 weeks without any broadband at all at my house. I need this to work and it's costing me real money to be without. This is getting farcical - I just need someone to keep me informed.


No help or information whatsover from Plus Net who seem to be unwilling to communicate with their customers. I'm aware this is the customer community forum but there's literally no way to get a response out of them by this or any other channel.


I get that engineer visits may be delayed due to COVID but there is no excuse for the attrocious level of comms about this. You're an ISP - perhaps you might be aware that your help staff can work from home these days?


The online chat is inoperable - just puts you through a bot and ends the chat. Tickets are ignored. The only way to not get cut off when calling the help line is to phone on the dot of 8am. Even that doesn't help though. Here's what happened last time I actually managed to get through:



27th aug - email from plus net:

"Good Morning
Thanks for calling,I have reviewed the order, external work is being carr=
ied out by the suppliers.
We will have an update by the 29.8.20, we will inform and update.
You do not need to call, please reply to this email shoud you have any troubles,"

29th Aug - no further contact from Plus Net on promised date 

1st Sept - Replied to the email as instructed and got an immediate "don't send us emails message"

It's a joke. Ignoring the fact you told me to email you, it's such a lame excuse - every ticketing system since they were invented can capture incoming emails.

"Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we don't pick up any emails sent to this address. That's because emails can easily be lost, misdirected or even deleted and we think it's better if this doesn't happen.
We prefer electronic 'tickets' to emails, this means that you can always see what updates have been made and check back over previous tickets too."

2nd Sept - Added my request for an update to the ticket


Like a fool I added a comment to the ticket to remind them of the missing promised update. This despite it saying "Please only add further comments when absolutely necessary."

3rd Sept - Still waiting...

Still no response. I just need my Internet to work or to understand when it will so I can make alternative arrangements. The lack of response is so stressfull and probably the worst customer service I can remember encountering (and I've been through a 4 year subsidence insurance claim which was arbitrated in my favour by the financial ombudsman).


Given the amount of people in the same situation on here, it seems that something seems to have gone really wrong at Plus Net. I have no confidence anyone from Plus Net actually reads these, but if you are out there please escalate. It's disgracefully poor service.