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Hi last Saturday I upgraded to fiberplus paid 6.99 for a router and activation day should be today but no router has been posted to me I’ve been trying to see if my date has been changed and I have an engineer coming today because there has been a fault with my broadband since last Thursday
Help please
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Re: Upgrade

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Re: Upgrade

Hi @Bonnieboo72, thanks for getting in touch and welcome to our Community Forums.

I can confirm looking over your upgrade to fibre order that although the initial date we requested for the upgrade was today it looks like our suppliers have changed this to the now committed date of 01/06/21. This is usually caused by engineer availability in your area and when our suppliers can carry out the work required. The router is usually sent and arrived within a few days of the new service going active but I've progressed this for you now and the new router should arrive within the next 3-5 working days.

Looking into your current connection, I can see shown by the graph below there's been a large number of drops occurring as of recent. 

Having testing your connection from this side however I can confirm we aren't detecting any underlying faults or line issues that look to be behind these drops. I have seen some of your line settings look to be out of place from what I imagine is due to the amount of drops recently and I've made adjustments to put the setting back to where they should be.
I'd advise moving forwards, to begin in ruling a number of internal factors out that could be behind this issue by running through the few checks below.

I'd recommend starting with basic checks here:

And if that doesn't help the next thing would be to rule your internal wiring out by plugging the connection into your test socket which is under the faceplate of your master socket and seeing if the drops stop. This rules out internal wiring, face plates and extension sockets as being the cause. How to locate the test socket and set your connection into it can be found here:

You should be able to tell before long if the issues look to be persisting in this set-up given how frequency the drops look to be occurring and if so then please get back to us and we'll happily investigate and progress this issue further for you.

I look forwards to hearing from you further.


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Re: Upgrade


A warm welcome to the forum.

One is tempted to ask what have you upgraded?  To see an improvement over the apparently painful performance of your current service?

If yes, it is unlikely to fair any better until the current issues are rectified.  Have you ran any of the fault investigation advice offered by @BD ?

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