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Upgrade order placed on hold 16 times since 22nd October 2017

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Upgrade order placed on hold 16 times since 22nd October 2017

I won’t list every detail in this post as I have received 45 emails and 40 text messages and called Plusnet around a dozen times, each time holding for up to 85 minutes before getting through to someone.

The summary is that I had working broadband with Plusnet and decided to upgrade on 22nd October. 2 weeks later my internet stopped working entirely and so began a saga of:

- missed appointments (Openreach, not me)
- failing to tell me they are coming so I was not in
- reading the address incorrectly so not ringing my doorbell
- fault on the line and telling me they need access
- fault on the line and telling me they do NOT need access
- fault on the line and deciding they need access after all
- did not come to 8am-1pm appointment, so after 30 minutes on hold they tell me he’s not coming
- during that call when Plusnet are trying to book another appointment, I get a text from the engineer to say he’s on his way
- fixing the fault on the line after access, but still no internet
- broadband back up and running but still no fibre as there is another fault on the line
- there is no fault on the line, it is a fault at the box and they do not need access again.
- they do need access after all.
- actually, they don’t. It is a problem at the box they say.
- they have created an ‘expedited appointment’ due to the delay (8 weeks in by this point)
- expedited appointment didn’t happen, yet my broadband has stopped again.
- now they say my order is stuck in the system so didn’t happen on 19th and now it is a ‘bridge case’ and on hold until 29th Dec.

Can anyone at Plusnet reading this please, please take ownership of this order and commit to seeing it through to completion?

Is there anyone in this community who can help me get to the right people who can make a difference?

I don’t usually post on a public forum but I’m at a loss for what to do next and my hope of ever seeing an end to this dwindled weeks ago. I tried to leave only for Plusnet to tell me they would invoice me for £220 as it’s not their fault. I appreciate that it is Openreach but my contract is with Plusnet who will in turn have a contract with Openreach. At what point does it fulfill the definition of a breach or contract on their part?

Sorry, this was supposed to be short so that people would read it but It’s a very long story and this is the abridged version!

Thank you for in advance.

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Re: Upgrade order placed on hold 16 times since 22nd October 2017

Have you tried getting them on Chat? I find that much better than hanging on the phone and gives me a record of what was said.

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Re: Upgrade order placed on hold 16 times since 22nd October 2017

If I were you I'd write to one of the customer service pages published in the likes of the serious newspapers, such as the telegraph, times, guardian / observer . I'd be asking for a personal intervention from a senior plus net manager and compensation. You've done everything I'd do and yet despite your patience it seems you've been ignored. Your experience really does show how the provisioning process can go horribly wrong and how there is no system in place to put things right . Surely there should be a special team at every isp dedicated to dealing with just this kind of problem . 

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Re: Upgrade order placed on hold 16 times since 22nd October 2017

This issue has been escalated by one of the SUs.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Upgrade order placed on hold 16 times since 22nd October 2017

Welcome to the community forums @Reb223

I'm really sorry to read of your experience.


From reading what notes are available to us on our supplier systems, it looks like we've been passing on information to you as we've received it. However I do appreciate that still doesn't make for a good experience.


Once the required work was finally completed, the order then got stuck in the BT systems which sadly can happen from time to time, and a task (bridge case) was raised to the relevant team to manually complete the order.


I can see your order completed on the 20th ahead of the date we were advised of.

Testing your line is showing your router in sync at 40mbps, but your upstream is only 2mbps instead of up to 10mbps which it should be on following the change we've made here. I'll place a regrade order to change that which should complete next working day and won't require any engineering work.


I'll update the ticket on your account with a gesture of goodwill too.


Apologies again for the inconvenience caused over the past month. -Anoush

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
Anoush Mortazavi