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Upgrade from Unlimited to Unlimited Fibre

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Upgrade from Unlimited to Unlimited Fibre

We have upgraded from Unlimited to Unlimited FIbre as more of us are now working from home and children are home schooling, so needed to upgrade.  

The order was placed on the 13th May 2020, with an activation date of today the 20th May 2020.  The new router arrived today which we paid £6.99 for postage, to find it appears to look exactly like are existing one, so was this even needed?Huh

We have heard nothing since, no notification of when the change would happen, but when I have managed to access the Help assistant there is a service notice which reads as, and this was updated on the 14th May 2020:

An update report has been received for this account.
The broadband service is now being transferred to the 21C Network.
The transfer will complete by midnight on 22/05/2020.

If I had not found this, we would of been none the wiser and been sat waiting for the change to happen, surely we should of been informed?? 

Not Happy!!


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Re: Upgrade from Unlimited to Unlimited Fibre


Be prepared to be even less happy! The 21C network is an ADSL. Product. Did you upgrade on line? If so this is the second report that this has happened very recently. Hopefully the correct change is going through and that this is just a screwed up ticket on your account.

If a Plusnet agent doesn't pick this up you need to contact Plusnet in case you get downgraded.

Fibre and Fibre Extra both use the same Hub One so you do not need another.


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Re: Upgrade from Unlimited to Unlimited Fibre

So we upgraded to Unlimited Fibre, and according to our Plus Net Account this took place on the 22nd May 2020.


To be totally honest we have seen very little improvement on the line speed, certainly not what was expected or promised.


I have tried to contact Plus Net with little success, the online chat isn't working!!!


Any suggestions?Huh

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Re: Upgrade from Unlimited to Unlimited Fibre

Log into the router, navigate to the advanced/ section and to the Help Desk tab, and post the results on here making sure you hide the username and other sensitive information.

At least then you will be able to see if you have been upgraded.

Also post the results of the DSL Checker for your line to see how it compares with what you have.

Lastly, do you have a filtered Master Socket? VDSL will give poor results if you have poor internal wiring and lots of extensions. Plugging the router into the hidden test socket will show if the internal wiring is limiting your line.