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Unrealistic, frankly dissapointing broadband connection date 21st of March

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Registered: ‎28-02-2017

Unrealistic, frankly dissapointing broadband connection date 21st of March

We recently moved into a new property, where the only thing according to Plusnet and BT openreach to be done to activate our Fibre broadband connection is for an engineer to go to the exchange and activate our line. Our phone line is already activated, and was activated pretty much next day of the order for home move being placed.


As of yesterday our broadband connection date is the 21st of march. To me, this is unreal, as in the past for home moves with BT we have usually had to deal with a connection wait of minimum 6 months. So it is staggering that yet again we have to wait, not nearly as long, but long enough for a simple connection.


We are based in Isle of Skye, Scotland in one of the main towns. The fact is, Im just so angry we have to wait so long because BT Openreach owns the lines and gives unrealistic connection dates. My wife, is doing a course in order to progress up her career ladder and has a report due the 10th of March and absolutely has to have access to  the internet to complete this. So essentially with a connection date of the 21st, she will fail, and her employer will be out of pocket, as well as ourselves.


Is there anything at all that can be done? We were promised initially a connection date of Tuesday the 28th of Feb. then my wife gets a text from BT saying the 7th for the line switchover, then as of the phone call yesterday we have a date for 21st of March, essentially a whole month. We have no access to any internet whatsoever besides going to the library or a friends house.

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