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Unable to select earlier dates in ordering screen

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Unable to select earlier dates in ordering screen

I've recently been assisting a friend who was attempting to sign up for broadband through Plusnet. Unfortunately we came across an issue with the ordering process when choosing an installation date. 
The page gives you the option of later dates but there the no way to go back to the earlier dates previously show. 
Pressing the browser back button just refreshes the page or takes you back to the account creation page


Plusnet need to add the ability to see earlier dates when moving through the order process, at the moment it gives the impression that a customer may have to wait months before they are able to get connected. The friend I've been assisting has decided to go elsewhere (she thought the earliest available date was mid September despite there being availability in August she wasn't able to go back and select it)



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Unable to select earlier dates in ordering screen

Thanks for flagging this up. I agree that it doesn't look great and I'll make sure this is passed on to the relevant people to look in to further.

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 Harry Beesley