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Transitioning Virgin to Plusnet

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Transitioning Virgin to Plusnet

I've just bought a Plusnet package today and have a few questions if anyone can help.

1) My activation date is due on 25th Jan. My Virgin Media end date is 6th Feb. I purposely got the plusnet package early incase there were any problems. I'm a teacher and need to teach live online lessons and I'm worried about the connection dropping 10 days after the installation. Could I have both VM and plusnet connections on at the same time as they use different cables?

2) I do not have a landline/previous BT socket so when the engineer comes by will they need to come inside my house?

3)Where would the engineer install the line into? Ie the same place as the VM box?

4) How long will they be around to sort this usually, so I can tell my headteacher.

Thank you in advance

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Re: Transitioning Virgin to Plusnet

@Cass252  Welcome to the forum.

Assuming that the VM service is supplied via a VM cable then the BT service will be totally separate with it's own master socket. You need to negotiate with the installation technician regarding location as this might be influenced by a Covid related risk assessment by the installer.

There is nothing to stop you, apart from the cost, of having both services active at the same time. In fact in this case I would say that it's a very wise move as Openreach availability can be an issue. There might however need to be Plusnet intervention if you want to transfer your telephone number (providing it's possible, this can be problematic if it's a VM number) which I believe you can arrange when you finally decide to close the VM service. Arrange the transfer before the VM service is terminated or you risk losing the number anyway.

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Re: Transitioning Virgin to Plusnet

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