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Total loss of account

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Total loss of account

I have been a customer of Plusnet for at least 25 years, and subsequently both my sons also joined - all in Force9 days.

Some months ago one son asked Plusnet to take over his BT landline into a combined line+FTTC broadband deal.

Recently he noticed that the BT Direct Debit was still being paid. It appears that Plusnet did not complete the move of the line from BT, so is paying twice for the line. Plusnet said it would be corrected.

Then it got much worse - it seems this week he has no landline, no broadband, noemail, and his original Plusnet account (and associated emails) have all been deleted.

He has spent hours on the phone to Plusnet trying to get this corrected. Each time he gets to speak to someone different, so each time he has to explain the (ever expanding) problem. Some say it cannot be rectified, some say it can. Six have promised a callback - only one has. Several have said 'just ring and ask for me' but that seems impossible. One suggested 'find a friendly neighbour or use an Internet cafe' which would be laughable in normal times, but currently with two adults working from home who need broadband, plus two children - and all are currently isolating - both suggestions are ridiculous and would be illegal.

All he wants is a single point of contact in Plusnet who will report back on progress towards reinstating his original landline number, broadband, email addresses and previous emails to undo the mess caused by the compounded Plusnet errors.

As Plusnet are currently boasting of having won several awards this year - including Best for Customer Service - is there any Plusnet staff member who is willing to start this process? Only then can our impression of Customer Service be improved above nil.



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Re: Total loss of account

Thanks for your post @mavison 

I'm really sorry to read what has happened to your son's account.

Can you drop me a private message Here with his username, so I can see what we can do to fix?

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