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Switchover keeps failing!

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Registered: 23-11-2016

Switchover keeps failing!

Bit of a rant really although I'll be glad if someone can offer advice/a resolution!


I signed up to Plusnet on 30th Oct. and was originally told that my go-live date was 15th Nov. 
My order was then cancelled for some reason and replaced so that the go-live date was pushed back to 22nd Nov.
That date has passed and I am still not connected with Plusnet.


Having spoken via Chat to the team, I've been informed that this order too has failed. I'm currently with TalkTalk and according to the Plusnet agent (who contacted the suppliers) TalkTalk didn't allow my number to be ported or something.

The result is that yet another order has now been placed. The agent said that she will request a provisional number and raise a ticket so that my current number is switched over once the new service has been activated.



Ticked off

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Switchover keeps failing!

Hi there,


We do see this happen occasionally as number ports are at the approval of the losing ISP and can be refused. When that happens we follow the process you've mentioned to transfer services over then move the number afterwards.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Switchover keeps failing!

I'm really struggling to see how this approach helps the customer @adamwalker ?

Sure, from the Plusnet point of view the order is now complete and charging can commence. But from the customer's view they have a *new* 'temporary' number that nobody else knows and calls to their old number are not getting any reply?  The timescale for completion of the number port is not defined - and may never happen.

Can you explain how this actually helps the customer?


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Re: Switchover keeps failing!

We do see this happen occasionally as number ports are at the approval of the losing ISP and can be refused.

Sorry, I thought the losing ISP didn't have a choice!. From the OFCOM site

So if you’re staying at the same address and your number is active, your current provider must allow it to be transferred to a new phone company.

Note the word 'must'...

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Re: Switchover keeps failing!

My Plusnet username is hgpatel1940


Thanks for the reply. So what would happen if this request fails?

Having spoken to TalkTalk, they informed me that they're allowing the number to be ported and they are waiting for Plusnet to take over the line.


AND to add to this whole dreadful fiasco, I have totally lost broadband now!

Openreach failed to tell TalkTalk that they could not process the switchover due to the number porting issue so TalkTalk have now completely switched off my service since they now consider the switchover to be complete! Ticked off

I had a complete phone and broadband outage on Wednesday (although the phone subsequently returned) and then I got an email from Plusnet to say that my fibre broadband is now active. I plugged in my new Plusnet router and it worked!
I then lost access to that as well around midday yesterday.



Plusnet agents keep repeating the same old "your service is due to go live on the 9th Dec" and that there is nothing they can do, but this means I'm left without broadband for a WHOLE 2 weeks! Shocked


At the moment I'm using mobile broadband but that is costing me extra money with not much of a reliable service and this is NO fault of my own! This has got to be THE most stressful switchover service I have EVER had to go through not to mention that I'm ill with heart problems and so cannot deal with too much stress!