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Switching from BT, Order Tracker "Problem on Phone Line"

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Registered: ‎04-02-2021

Switching from BT, Order Tracker "Problem on Phone Line"

I recently ordered Broadband Fibre and Phone on behalf of my elderly mother, switching from BT. The order went through OK.

Today she received an email from Plusnet closing a question (not that we had asked one), stating that..

Landline order did not progress and got rejected by our sysytems

The email also contained some "internal notes"

*Internal notes* Checked and found that the install diary for phone has not been updated with the references hence and the broadband failing with Lorn mismatch hence sent comms and closed the ticket"

Upon logging onto the order tracker, I see that my mum's order is stating that a problem had been detected on the phone line. 

Can someone explain what the issue is and what the next steps are? The email suggests my mum phones the support line, but at nearly 83 she is frequently baffled by technology so this might not be the most productive conversation, hence my post here.