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Switching Broadband in Anything But Simple

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Switching Broadband in Anything But Simple

So, PlusNet’s website clearly tells you that switching Broadband is simple.

Well, not in my experience and clearly not in the experience of a great many other members of this forum.

Relatively speaking my problems are very recent, but symptomatic of a company without sufficient customer service staff to deal with the problems that are happening.

My issues started on the 2nd August when I placed an order to switch my phone and Broadband from BT to PlusNet, with their ‘award-winning service’. The order was accepted at that time, a first payment was taken and a Direct Debit set up.

On the 6th August I received an email informing me of a problem with the order. This clearly stated that the problem was to be investigated by customer service and that I would be notified of the next steps 'as soon as possible'.

I heard nothing further, so on the 11th August phoned the linked number. After 35 minutes on hold I was informed the order had been cancelled that due to a problem caused by OpenReach. At this stage the operator placed a new order; at that stage I was informed that there would be a delay in switching to PlusNet.

As I’d already been given a date that my service with BT would end I asked if this delay would result in BT disconnecting my Broadband before the PlusNet Broadband commenced. I was assured several times that this would not happen and that 'was not the way things worked’. On the basis on these reassurances I went ahead with the 'new' order.

On the 13th August I received another email stating that "Your order is currently being worked on by our support team and we will update you further shortly."

I have heard nothing since.

On 19th August BT disconnected my Broadband; during a phone call to them I was informed that my Broadband and telephone supplier had now been switched to PlusNet in accordance with my switching request.

I again phoned the PlusNet customer service number. After 37 minutes on hold I was disconnected. A second call (25 minutes on hold) led to my being told that my second order had also been cancelled, apparently because the first hadn’t been fully ‘cleared’ first. I was told this was shown in the 'Members Centre', however I cannot view this as I just get an error message.

I was then told that PlusNet needed to raise another order (the third) to start the process again and that this would take a further 7-10 days (presumably working days) despite the fact that the line had already been switched from BT to PlusNet. What is left to do to activate my Broadband that needs 10 days to complete?

I asked to raise a complaint, and was told that this would be looked into once the Broadband order completed.

Why must I complete the order before I can formally complain???

The PlusNet website clearly states that I will be informed of any changes by email; on both occasions my order was 'automatically' cancelled this didn't happen. Had I not phoned to chase the order I would not have been aware of the problem.

My Broadband is now disconnected thanks to the failings of your system and like a great many of your customers I’m angry, frustrated and left seriously regretting my choice to switch to PlusNet.

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Re: Switching Broadband in Anything But Simple


Your changeover was very similar to mine, but worse. My first 'order' was cancelled without me being informed, and I feared the same broadband desert between ISPs. It was a very difficult time such that I bought into a 15GB mobile data pack and intended to use my phone as a wifi hotspot to fill the gap. In the end there was no interruption and I'd wasted £10 on the package.

(As an aside, when I set up the hotspot I was getting better speeds than my standard broadband and it made me think I might xt time.ditch the landline next time.)

You didn't mention anything about the £75 reward card. Have you got it already?Huh

Good luck,