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Switch-over from BT to Plusnet

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Switch-over from BT to Plusnet

I have contracted a fibre switch from BT to plusnet on 11 Dec 2018. Switch-over date was given as 28th Dec 2018 so all good so far. On the 28th Dec i got an confirmation e-mail saying that my phone line has been transferred. I have waited for the broadband to be switched by end of the day but nothing happened. Today, 29th Dec i have got in touch with plusnet on chat to enquire about the broadband status and been told to call support team. I have done this and after a lenghty call i have been told that by they have just sent a request to openreach and will be in touch in 24-48 hours with an activation date. Now, i have just received an email from BT saying "sorry for leaving" with a move date of 14 Jan 2019.  Nothing from plusnet yet.  It is a bit frustrating as i now believe that plusnet have not sent a broadband switch-over request to openreach when i have taken the contract but just now following my phone call. There are 2 main issues that i am a bit annoyed. One is that the delay is making me lose money as from 28th Dec my fixed contract with BT ended and now they have moved me from the £25 / month to the £55 / month charge. This would not have happened if plusnet would have done the swich-over in time. The second issue which i hope to solve it in the future is the delay between the phone and broadband activation dates. I hope the contract will be adjusted so both services have same contract end date as this could cause more problems in the future when/if i decide to move to another provider.

Quite disappointed so far. To make matter worse, BT called with a retention offer on 27 Dec, lower than my plusned contract, a day before my services should have gone live which i have declined thinking that is not worth the hassle of cancelling at the last minute. I wish i would have not done that. 

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Switch-over from BT to Plusnet

Hi @marianhorti, I am sorry to hear about these issues. As my response relates to account specific information I have responded via a support ticket on your account here


Please get back in touch if you have any questions.