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Switch dates options

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Switch dates options

I just placed an order with PlusNet today i.e. 9 June.

I thought I needed 10 days to switch  - my contract ends with m other provider on 18 June, and was horrified to see that the earliest switch date was not till 24 June which is more than 10 days. I will have no internet after 18th June and I am going out of the country on the 23rd...

Is there a way to move the switch date to 18th please? can someone help?Huh

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Re: Switch dates options

The switch date is determined by openreach and engineer availability to do the work so that will be the earliest date available (especially fibre-10 days is always optimistic and based on just the Ofcom minimum requirement).

Shouldn't worry too much though, just because your contract expires doesn't mean you'll be cut off. You'll just go on to a rolling contract until the switch actually happens.

Just don't tell your old provider your leaving-leave it all to plusnet and your old service should shut off the same day plusnet goes live. If you tell your new provider you want to leave on the 18th they're likely to cease the line, stopping everything.
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Re: Switch dates options

Hi @voctave and welcome to the forums!


After checking the orders I can confirm that our suppliers have provided us a completion date of 05/07/2019 anytime up to midnight. I'm afraid that when we place an order the closest available date is requested but it cannot always be met.

As per @Kdog post, I would not recommend asking your current provider to stop the service because they will place a cease order therefore, the transfer order we placed would be cancelled. I cannot be certain of the process for your existing provider but usually the contract will go to a rolling monthly basis and you would be charged a pro-rota amount for any services you received from them leading up to the transfer.


Feel free to get back in touch if we can be of further assistance.


Thank you


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