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Still waiting on order to be completed

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Still waiting on order to be completed

I signed up to a fibre extra package since September 2019 and still haven't been connected. I am apparently having problems with the phone number being unable to transfer. On many occasions I have contacted Plusnet support with regards to the problem only for it to be put on hold then taken off hold, put back on hold. I have told them on many occasions that I am happy with a new number and yet I still haven't received any further notice with regards to this being done and now with it being October 2019 it's been a month since I signed up with no further action being done. I will be making one more attempt tomorrow 7/10/19 to get further information and ask how much longer I have to wait before I get an activation date.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Still waiting on order to be completed



I'm sorry you're having issues. Just to clarify there was an issue getting the number ported across - because it's not an active number. The main problem is we still have to convert the line from your current provider to the Openreach network, and this is also getting rejected constantly, as of the tail end of last week your previous provider have blocked the conversion again because the line's inactive. On Openreach's systems it still shows as a live line, but they're saying it isn't. 


To be honest I think the best option we have is to go down a new install route, send an engineer out and resolve the matter that way.